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Special & Musical Guest

The show features an interview or observation of local and national celebrity personalities in entertainment, arts, sports, Fashion, music or other interesting professions.

But Wait.. There's More..

Anything can happen as I take in the scenic offerings, travel to other destinations, or filming from Studio Blends. Everyday uncensored events are what life is about.

"The Shena Show"

The Shena Show Intro

• The Shena Show Episode One Promo

• The Shena Show Episode One Danny/Dennis

Raw Charisma At Work

"The Shena Show" embodies and celebrates life as I know it, along the wonderful array of entertainment and people I encounter. The show incorporates my charismatic and quick comedic wit with a unique perspective, utilizing raw footage, photos, videos, and other fun mediums.

On the Scene

"The Shena Show" is a catalyst to engage viewers to participate in the arts and entertainment scene. The show celebrates  not only artists of the south, but is igniting interest that will resonate locally, nationally, and globally.

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Blends: A Coffee Boutique™

In addition to the backdrop of the city, "The Shena Show" is also shot in Blends: A Coffee Boutique on the corner of Broughton and Drayton streets. A beautifully designed, spacious boutique where coffee is roasted and empanadas reign supreme, we in the Shena biz call it "Studio Blends."

Watch It!

The Shena Show Intro

The Shena Show: Episode One Promo

The Shena Show: Episode One

Watch It! Shena on WSAV 'The Bridge' w/Renee Lasalle

The Shena Show: Ep. 3 Segment
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The Shena Show: Episode Two

The Shena Show: Episode Three